About Me

My name is Dakota Cole, I have worked in the telecom industry for over 10 years.

Currently I am working at Elevate Fiber as a Network Engineer.

I was promoted to Network Engineer from Fiber Optic Specialist after 4 months with Elevate Fiber. I previously worked at Deeply Digital where I helped create a ISP called Clearnetworx, my position held many responsibilities.
Day to day expectations were to maintain our network infrastructure for the wireless and fiber internet customers as well as continue to build, design and provision the wireless and fiber network and client builds as we expanded across the western side of Colorado. I managed and estimated phone and communications solutions. Also, I installed and maintained, Avaya IP office and Partner, allied tellesis, Ubiquiti, Infinias, Kramer, Cisco, Mac, Windows and Windows & Linux Server systems.
Deeply Digital launched the internet service (Clearnetworx) in February of 2013 and I worked hard to build the wireless and fiber networks from the ground up.
Wireless, fiber and voice over IP infrastructure are my strong skills.

I worked for Current Solutions in Grand Junction for 4 years as a Network technician. We worked on projects such as MSU, Stocker Stadium, CNCC, St Mary’s, and more.

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