Active Ad Blocking

Have you ever been annoyed with ads popping up or have you been scammed into clicking a link in a search engine the appeared to be legitimate but after 20 redirects and a bunch of malware later you realize you should have never clicked that LINK! This is a huge head ache and especially for kids or elderly that don’t have a trained eye on what is a legit link and what isn’t. Well I wanted to share a neat tool that helps block over a million sites with just a few small steps. It’s called Pi-hole its vertically black holes the site that are malicious and dangerous for users. This software is free and is designed to run on a Raspberry Pi however if you have a Linux box on your network that is hard wired you can install it on that machine just the same. If you are using Debian just type in this command >curl -sSL | Then once it is installed and running you will need to log into your router and in the DHCP settings for your LAN in the DNS field just put in the IP of the computer you installed Pi-Hole on then refresh your workstation IP or reboot your router and bingo you are now actively ad blocking.

There are several benefits to ad blocking.

Speed up browsing
Cross platform
When use as a VPN you can reduce cell data usage
Monitor performance of your network
And more

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