Fiber Optic

Fiber has been around since as long as we have had glass! The Romans would heat and pull glass into strands but It wasn’t until 1790 when two French brothers used a stretched glass (Fiber) as an optical telegraph. Still we didn’t start using it for data connectivity until 1970 when single mode was introduced.

Although Fiber has been around for ages. The way we use it has fundamentally changed in the past 10-20 years. The biggest hurdle early on was COST! Luckily science and technology keeps on trucking and time has had favor on Fiber in the today and now. Fiber is now able to reach distanced at a price that wasn’t cost effective 20 years ago.

Today we understand the communication benefits of Fiber Optic, SPEED! Its fast well as fast as light can travel through glass which is slightly slower then light through a vacuum, but its still pretty fast. The same glass fiber that offers us speeds up to 1 Gig to our home today is the same glass fiber that will offer us 10 to 100 Gig service tomorrow.

Fiber has been deemed “Future Proof” because its not the limiting factor its the equipment on either end of the piece of glass. I have been installing fiber optic for about 10 years now and its changed a lot since iv first touched my first piece of glass.

Terminating fiber has evolved over time. Although fusion splicing has always been the preferred method, Iv terminated using epoxy and polishing the connectors, mechanical which use a gel to match up the fiber core inside the connector, and of corse fusion splicing. The future is bright for fiber right now… no pun intended.

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