Voice Telephony has been around for over a Century now and its changed a lot. In the past systems used to use a pair of copper wire to communicate over. Today we send voice in digital packets that wiz over the air and through the internet to meet their destination. The possibilities are greater now then ever before! There are a few caveats to modern phone communications. One big hurdle for modern communication is FAX! Why are we still using it? Convince, simplicity, security? All are applicable. The biggest problem with FAX in the modern PBX is VOIP, when a FAX machine uses a VOIP line to transmit a FAX the reliability is diminished however faxing has been used over VOIP and in some application works well. But when designing an encompassing communication solution for your client asking the right questions can be the difference between the client being pleased with the system or ready to go (Office Space)™ on the thing! In some cases medical facilities must follow HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability), and follow strict security guide lines that protect client confidentiality. Any way Im getting side tracked. Check out the photos below and hopefully some are helpful.

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